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  • Meso Therapy Microneedling

    Mesotherapy combines a bespoke cocktail of powerful vitamins, which are deeply driven into the lower layers of the skin using our DP 4 microneedling system. This system gently moves multiple microscopic needles over the face to cause miniscule puncture marks, activating the production of collagen and elastin while making serums much more readily available to the skin.

  • The total package

    Transform Your Skin with BELA MD Facial Treatments Experience the pinnacle of skincare innovation with BELA MD, where advanced technology meets luxurious pampering. Our all-in-one facial treatments are meticulously designed to enhance overall skin health while maintaining the skin's natural barrier and pH balance. Why Choose BELA MD Facials? Medical-Grade Results: Achieve visible improvements in your skin's texture, tone, and hydration with our medical-grade facial treatments. Gentle and Effective: Enjoy a soothing and relaxing experience without compromising on efficacy. Our treatments use high-technology tools and premium skincare products to rejuvenate your skin. Personalized Serums: Tailored BELA MD serum infusions address your specific skin concerns, ensuring targeted treatment for optimal results. BELA MD Facial Includes: Diamond Microdermabrasion Hydrogen Water Infusion Ultrasonic Cleanse and Extraction Neuromuscular Stimulation BELA MD serum infusion Electroporation Benefits of BELA MD Facials: Reduces excess oil and impurities from pores Restores optimal hydration levels without disrupting the skin barrier Calms and soothes the skin, promoting a balanced complexion Brightens and revitalizes dull skin Diminishes signs of photodamage Evens out skin tone and improves texture Enhances firmness and elasticity Reduces transepidermal water loss Elevate your skincare routine with BELA MD and discover a new level of pampering and rejuvenation for your skin. Schedule your appointment today to experience the ultimate in facial treatments.

  • Blissful Facial

    Our facial service is renowned for offering exceptional relaxation and soothing benefits for your skin. To discover how this service can be tailored to meet your specific needs, please contact us today. What to Expect: Cleansing: Thoroughly removes impurities and prepares your skin. Facial Scrub: Exfoliates to reveal a brighter complexion. Facial Steam: Opens pores and enhances the effectiveness of subsequent treatments. Gua Sha Massage: Promotes circulation and reduces puffiness. Mask: Targets your skin's specific concerns. Serum: Delivers concentrated nutrients and hydration. Moisturizer: Locks in moisture and ensures lasting hydration. SPF: Protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Add-On Options: Anti-Aging Serum: $5 Anti-Aging Moisturizer: $5 Microdermabrasion: $30 Experience the ultimate in skin rejuvenation and relaxation with our customizable facial services. Reach out to us today to book your appointment and learn more about the personalized options available.

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    LET’S TALK ABOUT PEELS If lackluster winter skin has many of you frustrated, it’s time to consider peels. Peel treatments, especially in the winter months, are one of the best ways to get their skin back on track. Chemical peels have a variety of benefits—from improving tone and texture to helping with acne scars, peels can quickly and effectively breakdown the top layer of skin to reveal glowing results. ALL ABOUT PEELS Peels rely on Alpha-hydroxy acids (plant-derived acids) to breakdown the top layer of dead skin, dissolving the outer layers to even skin tone and texture. During the process, peels also help promote the building of collagen and make the skin more receptive to skincare products, increasing efficacy and performance. Basically, a peel gives the skin a chance to regenerate and create fresh, new skin in the least invasive way possible. Regular peel treatments can also correct discoloration from acne scars and age spots, help with fine lines and wrinkles, and prevent acne breakouts. Before any professional peel treatment, it is highly recommended you use Power Peel and Hydrate for at least two weeks to prep the skin.

  • It's Peel Season

    HEAL YOUR DRY WINTER SKIN While it might be winter to everyone else, to those of us into skincare it’s peel season. Dry indoor air combined with cold temperatures outside can leave your skin dry, cracked, and flaky. Because peels are designed to remove dry and damaged skin, winter makes it the ideal time to talk to your practitioner about a peel treatment. We promise you won’t regret the radiant, glowing skin you see in the mirror. Read on for just a few of our favorite reasons why winter is the best time for a chemical peel. IMPROVES TONE, TEXTURE, AND COLOR Peels breakdown the top layer of dead skin, dissolving the outer layers to even skin tone and texture. During the process, peels also help promote the building of collagen and make the skin more receptive to skincare products, increasing efficacy and performance. Basically, a peel gives the skin a chance to regenerate and create fresh, new skin in the least invasive way possible. HELPS WITH ACNE, BACKNE AND SCARS A flawless complexion lies just beneath the surface of acne-scarred skin, and a peel is one of the best and quickest ways to see results. Not only do they help minimize scars left behind from acne, but they can actually prevent breakouts as well. As we work with your skin, we can modify techniques to concentrate on acne scars we can mix products to come up with the ideal combination for your skin. Another benefit? There’s no real downtime to a peel. INCREASES HYDRATION Moisture-starved winter skin is prime for a little extra hydration, and a peel’s process is one of the best treatments for healing dry, damaged skin. Peels work from the inside out, stimulating cellular memory, boosting collagen, and leaving skin with a youthful glow.

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  • Blissfully Sweet Aesthetics | Skin care | 21259 91 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada

    Book Now Book Now Book Now Shop Now Blissfully Sweet Aesthetics, Your Beauty Treatment Clinic The Home of Beauty and Aesthetics At Blissfully Sweet we specialize in providing top tier skincare treatments designed to help you achieve and maintain a clear, radiant completion. Oiur prfessional grade machines and skincare are specifically tailored for individuals suffering from acne, melasma, sun spots and fine lines and wrinkles ensuring that each treatment is effective and personalized to your skin's unique needs. ​ ​ Quick View Colorescience Face Shield Flex Tan Price C$76.00 Quick View Colorescience Face Shield Flex Medium Price C$76.00 Quick View Colorescience Face Shield Flex Light Price C$76.00 Quick View Colorescience Price C$64.00 Quick View All Calm® Multi-Correction Serum Regular Price C$126.00 Sale Price C$113.40 Quick View All Calm® Clinical Redness Corrector SPF 50 Regular Price C$192.00 Sale Price C$172.80 Quick View Bronzing Primer SPF 20 Regular Price C$76.00 Sale Price C$68.40 Quick View Colorescience Mattifying Primer SPF 20 Regular Price C$76.00 Sale Price C$68.40 What We Offer At Blissfully Sweet Aesthetics, we offer a variety of beauty enhancement treatments, customized to your needs and budget. Whether you’re looking for firmer skin, a clearer complexion or hair, make up and skin care products we are at your service providing the safest procedures and implementing the latest technologies in the market. We only employ certified technicians who will work together with you to find the best way to achieve your goals. Below is a list of our services - get in touch if you want hear more. Get in Touch About Blissfully Sweet Aesthetics Where Aesthetics Meets Excellence Blissfully Sweet is owned and operated by certified beauty industry professionals who founded Blissfully Sweet Aesthetics with one goal in mind: the wellbeing of our clients. We believe that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look, and our variety of services is suitable for every need. We offer affordable, safe and painless treatments for people of all ages. Our team has carefully selected and trained on industry-approved, state-of-the-art technologies. It will be our pleasure to meet - get in touch today! Get in Touch "Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art" Ralph Waldo Emerson Contact Us We always love to hear from our customers. Feel free to drop by or get in touch today to learn more about Blissfully Sweet Aesthetics and what we have to offer. 21259 91 ave NW Edmonton 7809966375 Name Email Subject Message Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Plans & Pricing | Blissfully Sweet Aes

    No plans available Once there are plans available for purchase, you’ll see them here. Back to Home Page

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